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SEO spamming

SEO spamming

In simple words Spam is the internet version for pursuing an internet user to call for a lunch and it will end up with yes. It will start with a fascinating push up for you and end up by annoying you. The only purpose the spam is done to make money for the spammers and they keep with it as they work on the law of averages to work with mass as some will respond some day.
Spamming for SEO is filling the indexes with little or no user valuing information for them. In SEO these spamming techniques are termed as black hat SEO that is strictly prohibited by the search engines but some of them fall into the gray area search engine penalizes your ranking if the spiders indexes as a spam for the SERP’s. To regulate this spam’s the search engines regularly updates there definition of the spam that could lead to surprising changes of your page on the SERP’s.


It’s very difficult to track down the specific things that could be considered as spam as I told you before the search engines changes their spamming definitions regularly to go foot to foot with the Black Hat SEO spammers. To be on the safer side we should be doing our SEO according to the Search engine’s guidelines to not to worry about being called as spam.
– Don’t do anything that makes you worry that you’re doing wrong. It sounds like
simple advice, but when you think about it, if you’re doing something on your web
site that you have to worry is going to get you banned from a search engine, you probably
shouldn’t do it.

– Don’t Exaggerate or pretend on your website that you are not.

– Don’t believe in all SEO experts. As some of the SEO experts will use the black hat techniques to go on the indexes but that will be for short term and may lead bad for your website in future.

Spamindexing is the term given to the spamming of index pages it could be of any shape and size, what I told you before was the spamming techniques that were obviously spam but some techniques are there that are clearly spam this list is huge, but dozens of them are constant they are:-

. Transparent links
. Hidden Links
. Misleading links
. Links in Punctuation
. Keyword stuffing
. Doorway pages
. Scraper sites
. Machine generated pages
. Links in punctuations
. Inconspicuous links
. Cloaking
. Excessive cross linking
. Hidden text
. Link only pages
. duplicate content
. Redirect pages
. Sybil attacks
. Wiki spam

this list goes a long….
Spamindexing is the bad idea as this annoy the users as they don’t give the quality information and misleads the users of the indexed page and this could also lead to the negativity for the Search engine that’s why search engine call it as spam and penalize the website by the decrease in their ranking or also by banning the website from the search engine.

Atlast message for spammers- Spaming may generate the lot of revenue for you, but it hasen’t paid to the seatle’s Robert Soloway who’s has been considered as the eighth largest spammer in the world by the spamhaus, So chill.

Everyone today is using the word “recession”. It turned out to be a word of fear for online marketers. But as to now it is being discussed openly and everyone knows we are in a state of recession. Many sites have experienced a few sales decline and are trying to cut short their budgets and focusing on some other areas too, but as the time passing it’s now just a reason that many companies are giving for the firing their employees and cost cutting.

But when enquired, about the major SEO companies its been seen that it has merely hit any of their products or clients they are investing money in every sought for online marketing, in India we haven’t seen any decline in the status of living their spending capabilities or their purchasing power.

You need to do an effective optimization:-

Recession does not mean failure. There are certain factors which have not been taken into consideration and were not controlled. In this position we need to have a proper control on those factors so as to increase their efficiency. Website development companies are cutting down their cost per acquisition and are increasing their efficiency. Optimizing a site is completely a practical approach which focuses on customer views, accountability, efficiency and measurability.

It requires continuous process and improvements, now-a-days many may online solution for the major SEO companies are provided by the Google itself. Tools like Analytics, webmaster any many many more.

We use small sites for greater impact

We all like links from big sites right? Whether it’s in an editorial article, a guest post, etc, it’s great for sending some strength and trust to your site. However, the drawback of links from big sites, is that you might find it’s on a small page. The newly published page will take some time to get indexed, much of it’s strength (certainly initially) is likely to come from internal links, and it’s unlikely to have a great crawl rate.

Survive Online Recession with Internet Marketing Techniques

Recession has over-shadowed all business worldwide making it difficult for companies to survive and earn profits. World Wide Web is also experiencing the pinch of this global financial mess. So the question remains how to put forth your business.

Blogging – It is the latest internet marketing tool being used by small, medium and large scale businesses.

PPC marketing – This strategy is highly effective way of online advertising and can calculate also how many visitors have clicked on to our advertisements.

Social networking – Having wider social network expands your database of target customers and introduce your business to much larger audience.

  1. Convert your analysis according to customer insights.
  2. Convert your insight into some real action.
  3. Repeat the above steps as and when required.

Other strategies that you can follow in this situation:-

  1. Focus on recent customers: – During the good economic era everyone spends lavishly on making new customers but during recession it becomes difficult to afford the existing customers and so we have to focus on making a plan to come out of it.
  2. Rewards:-Rewarding the customers for their loyalty, provide them with special offers, promotions etc and they will inform others about this incentives.
  3. “Fire” your banner:-Search engines marketing is an excellent strategy to follow in recession because it allows you to monitor your investments and returns in real-time.
  4. Conversions
  5. Return on Investment: – Solutions to the problems relating to investments etc should be easily viewed at a glance.
  6. Remember the basics:-As new technologies like Web 2.0, social media, mobiles and others have taken over no one thinks about search engine optimization.
  7. Integration:-Integrate all the separate programs in order to stretch your online investments.

At last we can come with the conclusion that

Online marketers facing this tricky economic crisis should focus on profitable expansion rather than contraction. Some online marketers have come through this recession with a bang and have tracked down their positive chances on market. Marketers should not become a victim rather they should figure out ways to success. And now is not the time to cut your research budget, now is the time to dig further to learn more about your users. Online marketers should earn about what their users do during a typical session. Do they log in and check their email on your site? What, as an online marketer, are you doing to provide value to keep the user intrigued? Another is you can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.” Further to this point, it is a great time to get the most competitive rates. Secondly you can adjust your pricing tactics. You don’t need to cut prices, but you may need to offer temporary price promotions or price more aggressively. Sweepstakes in particular will give any online campaign a lift. The further you incentivize your users to engage in your message, the bigger the lift you will see. You can check out on various SEO expert articles that could solve your problems and remove your confusion.

Regardless of what tactic you use as an online marketer, you need to know your users better than ever. Users are increasingly looking for you to provide better value.







Ever since Microsoft launched its Bing search engine, it has drawn a lot of interest (and speculation) from the SEO community. On one hand, this is quite logical because Bing is intended to be one more heavy-weight player and it is expected to cut some share from Google. On the other hand, this is hardly the first time a new heavy-weight player comes to the ring, so maybe the expectations that Bing will put an end to Google’s monopoly are groundless. Still, Bing is quite different (in a positive way) from the other search engines and this is its major strength.

What’s different with bing?

The first impression you get when you go to is that it is different – the background makes it cute but sure, there have been many other cases of search engines with tons of graphical frills to disguise their irrelevant search algorithms. However, when you type a search term, the results you get are a pleasant surprise because they are relevant.

It is this relevance of search results that worries SEO experts. The results you get when you search with Bing are relevant, yet they are very different from Google’s. Actually, no matter if you search with Google or with Bing (or if you go to Bingle, you can compare the result sets side by side), you get relevant results and the two sets are very different from one another.

One of the most important things SEO experts are curious to know about Bing is its algorithm. Obviously, Bing’s algorithm is different from Google’s because when the search term is the same but the set of results is different, a difference in the algorithm is the obvious answer. Actually, the question is exactly what is different between the two algorithms and if the difference is so drastic that it makes it mandatory to reoptimize a site for Bing.

What to do for now?

Wait. This is the first thing you need to do. Right now it is too early to say what steps (if any) are required in order to optimize your site for Bing.

Additionally, no matter how promising Bing looks, it is still early to predict if it will become a real competitor to Google or if it will become one more failed attempt to dethrone Google. Let’s see how users react – will they start Binging more or will they stick to Google. When it becomes clear that Bing will be able to make it, then it will make sense to optimize for it as well. So for now the best you can do is wait.

What will Help you to be on top on bing?

As you probably guess, the exact algorithm of Bing is not publicly available and because of that there is a lot of speculation about what weighs more for Bing (in comparison to Google) and what weighs less. Many SEO experts test different search queries, analyze the results, and based on that try to figure out what of the known SEO tactics works with Bing.

Some SEO experts even think that Bing is actually Live Search in new clothes (i.e. user interface), while others say that there are noticeable differences between Live Search and Bing. But there is no doubt that for now Bing is a significant improvement over Live Search in terms of relevance of search results.

Bing is hardly the first time when there is no agreement in the SEO community about the intricacies of the algorithm but if we can summarize, here are some factors, which are (or at least are strongly believed to be) of importance when Bing optimization is concerned:

· Importance of backlinks doesn’t matter. If you compare the first 10 results in Bing and Google, it is noticeable that all equal, the winners in Bing have less backlinks than the winners in Google. It is unclear if nofollow matters with Bing.

· Anchor text matters more. The quantity of quality inbound links might be of less importance for Bing but the anchor text certainly matters more. Actually, since anchor text is one of the measurements of the quality of inbound links, it isn’t much different. Get quality anchor text and you will do well in both Bing and Google.

· Could’t helped out with link spaming. Since the quantity of backinks (even if they are of supreme quality) seems to be of less importance to Bing, link spamming will be even less effective than with Google.

· Onpage factors matters more. This is one of the most controversial points. Many SEO experts disagree but many also think that onpage factors matter more with Bing than with Google. Still, it has nothing to do with the 90s, when onpage factors were definitive.

· Authority matters. If this is true, this is bad news for bloggers and small sites because it means that search results are distorted in favor of older sites and/or sites of authoritative organizations. Age of domain is also very important with Bing – even more than with Google.

· Page rank is less important. When you perform a search for a competitive keyword and you see a couple of PR2 or even PR1 sites among the top 10 results, this might make you wonder. On Google this is hardly possible but on Bing it looks quite normal.

· Content is less important. Bing looks a bit conservative – or maybe it just can’t index sites that quickly – but it seems that fresh content is not so vital as with Google. This is related to the age of domain specifics and as a result you will see ancient pages rank high (but these ancient pages are relevant to the search query).

· Binging is Flash-friendly. Optimizing a Flash site for Google is a bit of a SEO nightmare. It is too early to say but it looks like Bing is more Flash-friendly, which is good news to all sites where Flash is (still) heavily employed.

Websites with very high page rank doesn’t matter a lot to the bing what does really matters now for bing is quality of the page.

For now it is too early to say which factors are of primary importance with Bing. But the fact that their search results are relevant means that their algorithm is really precise. Well, maybe the relevant results in Bing are due to the fact that web masters were taken by surprise and they haven’t had the time to optimize for Bing. As a result, the content is authentic; there are no SEO gimmicks and artificial pumping. We’ll see if this will stay so in the future, when web masters learn how to optimize for Bing as well!

Many other essential qualities that an SEO expert should fulfill could be attain from the internet marketing agencies and other digital internet marketing agencies for attaining your dream positions in the search engines. To attain a golden egg position there website or a blog should be build, keeping in mind all the basic principles, you could learn these principles from full service internet marketing agency I am working with.

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