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google adwords

google adwords

Google adword professional is a degree by achieving this status, via courses and Google’s rigorous test, mastery of Google Adwords advanced topics such as:

Design of landing pages for maximum conversion

Optimizing Adwords campaigns and ad groups.

    Global and Regional Adwords Marketing.

    Optimization of Google Adwords budgets.

    Multi-Language Solutions.

    Keyword Research and A/B testing.

    Copywriting and testing of ads.

Marketing done on internet, also known as e-marketing is the best way of promoting your goods or services present scenario. The world is now a global village and is now technologically very advanced. This gives us a great opportunity to make our products available through the net so as to reach many potential customers and that too at a comparably lesser cost.

Have you ever thought whenever you search for any information on internet it may be anything science, general knowledge, books, consumer, products, services, and history you just type the necessary words or just a title in the search box on google. What you think why you got these information for free without any charge, where do you think google gets money to run his huge organization? The answer is GOOGLE ADVERTISING its primary source of income google advertise your goods and service so that user searching for the goods or information goes through your website first and you pay google his share.

Google does this all by Google AdWords, Google’s advertising product which charges companies, who wants to advertise their product through google’s search engine. This is done in two ways – one, by its feature called pay per click advertising and the other, site targeted advertising you can also use website designing companies to create a special intended marketing techniques for your product. These both features contain text or banner ads.

Adwords Marketing

This provides us with the cheapest way to reach to the most varied and several no. of potential coustomers for our product or service. It also has the advantage of providing immediate responses and quick feedback. No other marketing medium can provide such efficiency and cost effectiveness. But here too you have many options. AdWords marketing can be very beneficial for marketing to large numbers.
As we know Google is the most popular search engine in the world today. If your products are advertised here, they provide you a bound to get noticed. Secondly, instead of having to make a web page or an expensive portal, all one have to do is create an “ad”.
This Google assists you to have it for free. Once your ad is displayed all the customer has to do is click on it, to learn more or purchase the product. Generally when we market our service, we try to attract more and more customers. Here already interested customers will surely click on our advertisement.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a very important and most popular method for advertising on search engines and blogs. Under this, the host of the content site carries an advertiser’s ad and he is paid only when the ad is clicked. This means that the more an ad is clicked by the site visitors, the higher will be the host’s earnings. These types of advertisements are also called sponsored links or sponsored advertisements. The methods in which PPC ads are displayed differ in content sites and search engines. In content sites, these ads are displayed alongside content that matches the product or service that is being advertised. The thought behind this is that, a user that is reading content related to, say for example, the ways to quit smoking, will click on the ad of a rehabilitation center if it is displayed along side it. The cost per click, in case of content sites is also fixed.
Each search engine differs on this. As the Google Adwords program is one of the largest paid marketing systems on the Internet. With this system, website owners can design targeted advertising solutions to reduce the costs of leads or sales by reaching specific groups of searchers. These marketing campaigns can be regionalized to a specific state, city, or even coordinate on a map, making them an excellent regional advertising tool. These work on keywords. Keywords are most commonly used words to search for a particular piece of information. An advertiser gives a list of keywords to the host, so that if a user types in a keyword query matching the ones in its list, his ads are displayed on the top results of the page. The cost per click, in the search engines case is variable as it is based on a bidding system.

General mistakes to avoid in pay per click

  • You should have all your keyphrases in one ad group or campaign.
  • Bid on generic keyphrases.
  • Avoid poor PPC bid management.
  • Don’t starve your PPC advertising budget.
  • Include content in the same adword.
  • Don’t select the wrong landing page.
  • Optimize your PPC account regularly.
  • Select correct targeted customers where the ad has to be positioned.
  • Use of scheduling.


Everyone today is using the word “recession”. It turned out to be a word of fear for online marketers. But as to now it is being discussed openly and everyone knows we are in a state of recession. Many sites have experienced a few sales decline and are trying to cut short their budgets and focusing on some other areas too, but as the time passing it’s now just a reason that many companies are giving for the firing their employees and cost cutting.

But when enquired, about the major SEO companies its been seen that it has merely hit any of their products or clients they are investing money in every sought for online marketing, in India we haven’t seen any decline in the status of living their spending capabilities or their purchasing power.

You need to do an effective optimization:-

Recession does not mean failure. There are certain factors which have not been taken into consideration and were not controlled. In this position we need to have a proper control on those factors so as to increase their efficiency. Website development companies are cutting down their cost per acquisition and are increasing their efficiency. Optimizing a site is completely a practical approach which focuses on customer views, accountability, efficiency and measurability.

It requires continuous process and improvements, now-a-days many may online solution for the major SEO companies are provided by the Google itself. Tools like Analytics, webmaster any many many more.

We use small sites for greater impact

We all like links from big sites right? Whether it’s in an editorial article, a guest post, etc, it’s great for sending some strength and trust to your site. However, the drawback of links from big sites, is that you might find it’s on a small page. The newly published page will take some time to get indexed, much of it’s strength (certainly initially) is likely to come from internal links, and it’s unlikely to have a great crawl rate.

Survive Online Recession with Internet Marketing Techniques

Recession has over-shadowed all business worldwide making it difficult for companies to survive and earn profits. World Wide Web is also experiencing the pinch of this global financial mess. So the question remains how to put forth your business.

Blogging – It is the latest internet marketing tool being used by small, medium and large scale businesses.

PPC marketing – This strategy is highly effective way of online advertising and can calculate also how many visitors have clicked on to our advertisements.

Social networking – Having wider social network expands your database of target customers and introduce your business to much larger audience.

  1. Convert your analysis according to customer insights.
  2. Convert your insight into some real action.
  3. Repeat the above steps as and when required.

Other strategies that you can follow in this situation:-

  1. Focus on recent customers: – During the good economic era everyone spends lavishly on making new customers but during recession it becomes difficult to afford the existing customers and so we have to focus on making a plan to come out of it.
  2. Rewards:-Rewarding the customers for their loyalty, provide them with special offers, promotions etc and they will inform others about this incentives.
  3. “Fire” your banner:-Search engines marketing is an excellent strategy to follow in recession because it allows you to monitor your investments and returns in real-time.
  4. Conversions
  5. Return on Investment: – Solutions to the problems relating to investments etc should be easily viewed at a glance.
  6. Remember the basics:-As new technologies like Web 2.0, social media, mobiles and others have taken over no one thinks about search engine optimization.
  7. Integration:-Integrate all the separate programs in order to stretch your online investments.

At last we can come with the conclusion that

Online marketers facing this tricky economic crisis should focus on profitable expansion rather than contraction. Some online marketers have come through this recession with a bang and have tracked down their positive chances on market. Marketers should not become a victim rather they should figure out ways to success. And now is not the time to cut your research budget, now is the time to dig further to learn more about your users. Online marketers should earn about what their users do during a typical session. Do they log in and check their email on your site? What, as an online marketer, are you doing to provide value to keep the user intrigued? Another is you can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.” Further to this point, it is a great time to get the most competitive rates. Secondly you can adjust your pricing tactics. You don’t need to cut prices, but you may need to offer temporary price promotions or price more aggressively. Sweepstakes in particular will give any online campaign a lift. The further you incentivize your users to engage in your message, the bigger the lift you will see. You can check out on various SEO expert articles that could solve your problems and remove your confusion.

Regardless of what tactic you use as an online marketer, you need to know your users better than ever. Users are increasingly looking for you to provide better value.