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Today in Sanfransisco Glotzbach declared that google is now out of the beta version on the internet. google now will not show the beta on his email and said Google Inc is dropping the “beta,” or test, label from its Gmail email service and other online programmes to attract business customers away from Microsoft Corp.

The label will also be removed from Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Talk, said Matthew Glotzbach, director of product management for Google Enterprise. Google used the label to show it was still improving the software.

removing these labels from its products will now help related companies that have concerns about the reliability of the of programmes that are in a test phase.Gmail has been in beta since it was introduced five years ago. Google products that have already dropped the label include the Chrome Web browser, unveiled last September. Google Scholar, which lets users search for scholarly papers, is in beta, as is its product search.

Many peoples are still in the illusion why google finalized its google chrome within the months of its beta version launched after getting negative reports for it like non support of xml scripts, we have to see what will be the response of the public for this decision for me I am happy of using gmail and have no worries about getting gmail out of its beta version finallyy!!!!!!