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SEO spamming

SEO spamming

In simple words Spam is the internet version for pursuing an internet user to call for a lunch and it will end up with yes. It will start with a fascinating push up for you and end up by annoying you. The only purpose the spam is done to make money for the spammers and they keep with it as they work on the law of averages to work with mass as some will respond some day.
Spamming for SEO is filling the indexes with little or no user valuing information for them. In SEO these spamming techniques are termed as black hat SEO that is strictly prohibited by the search engines but some of them fall into the gray area search engine penalizes your ranking if the spiders indexes as a spam for the SERP’s. To regulate this spam’s the search engines regularly updates there definition of the spam that could lead to surprising changes of your page on the SERP’s.


It’s very difficult to track down the specific things that could be considered as spam as I told you before the search engines changes their spamming definitions regularly to go foot to foot with the Black Hat SEO spammers. To be on the safer side we should be doing our SEO according to the Search engine’s guidelines to not to worry about being called as spam.
– Don’t do anything that makes you worry that you’re doing wrong. It sounds like
simple advice, but when you think about it, if you’re doing something on your web
site that you have to worry is going to get you banned from a search engine, you probably
shouldn’t do it.

– Don’t Exaggerate or pretend on your website that you are not.

– Don’t believe in all SEO experts. As some of the SEO experts will use the black hat techniques to go on the indexes but that will be for short term and may lead bad for your website in future.

Spamindexing is the term given to the spamming of index pages it could be of any shape and size, what I told you before was the spamming techniques that were obviously spam but some techniques are there that are clearly spam this list is huge, but dozens of them are constant they are:-

. Transparent links
. Hidden Links
. Misleading links
. Links in Punctuation
. Keyword stuffing
. Doorway pages
. Scraper sites
. Machine generated pages
. Links in punctuations
. Inconspicuous links
. Cloaking
. Excessive cross linking
. Hidden text
. Link only pages
. duplicate content
. Redirect pages
. Sybil attacks
. Wiki spam

this list goes a long….
Spamindexing is the bad idea as this annoy the users as they don’t give the quality information and misleads the users of the indexed page and this could also lead to the negativity for the Search engine that’s why search engine call it as spam and penalize the website by the decrease in their ranking or also by banning the website from the search engine.

Atlast message for spammers- Spaming may generate the lot of revenue for you, but it hasen’t paid to the seatle’s Robert Soloway who’s has been considered as the eighth largest spammer in the world by the spamhaus, So chill.