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Bing and yahoo collaboration

Bing and yahoo collaboration

After,  almost a flop show by a Microsoft with a Bing as a host, to bring down the large empire of The GOOGLE, it has geared up his ongoing 2 year long deal with yahoo to give one more chance to gain a big hand over search market. Its been going on with the many rebuffed decisions many management changes, but now after some agreement it has been finalized that Bing will now share the yahoo search market who has been the market leader at one time, still the 2nd largest search engine in US. Yahoo confirmed that this decision will save almost $500 -$700 MILLION for them, they also made it sure that it will be collaboration not an acquisition that will be of 10 year agreement in which yahoo will come as “powered by Bing”.

The market also favoring the deal for Microsoft picked up the shares after a reports surfaced that microsft and yahoo deal is on the verge of finalizing, the key terms will be

– This will be for 10 year term.

– Microsoft will take over the license of yahoo search technologies for 10 year.

– The search algorithm will be provided by the Bing.

– There will be seperate advertising and sales force for each companies.

– Yahoo will be given his share on the search revenues earned by Microsoft.

– Syndication will be continued by the yahoo for his search partners.

– 88% of traffic acquisition cost will be incurred by the Microsoft.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz expressed himself by saying that Bing will now surely break the search market for the Microsoft backed with the massive marketing budget. he said that this deal is done in the light of mutual benefits. Bing and yahoo arsenal is ready to give the healthy challenge to market leader in the search arena.

Although being a Giant, this news would have made Google to think, but for now goggle is preparing for his flashing new WAVE.

But one thing is for sure that this search quarrel would turn out to be good for the digital citizen’s providing the quality service, but will surely annoy SEO people who hated the Bing that would now run with Yahoo. Let see what difference would Yahoo and Microsoft arsenal will create for the the Google user’s.