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This is the one topic that is of great discussion in the SEO community now days. People are offering it as a red flag by the Google, but some says there are no issues in using the “rel=nofollow” tag as said by MATT himself,

The nofollow attribute is just a mechanism that gives webmasters the ability to modify Page Rank flow at link-level granularity. Plenty of other mechanisms would also work (e.g. a link through a page that is robot.txt’ed out), but nofollow on individual links is simpler for some folks to use.

Page rank sculpting

As many experts differs in their views of seeing the No follow tag and using it some like, Joost de Valk’s says if there is nothing to hide then there’s nothing to lose, some says we should use it properly, but I’ll say No follow is something that is very easy to use and great tool to dam the PR juice from leaking through our page, it can be used in more better purpose.

I will say their should be no pages in your website that you don’t want your PR juice to pass or You’ll need page per page control of the robots meta tag, and you will probably be using it to noindex, follow category / tag / archive pages, in favor of single pages. That, combined with not giving too much linklove to these pages, is the essence of third level push.

Our pages should be well connected and each landing page should have something to do with the navigating page, users don’t want to get surprised.

Google Say’s you can do Sculpting, No! You cannot do it by No follow tag, but does Google really following that, let’s see

This issue doesn’t encourage me to link out less, Should I turn my Comment off? No!

That doesn’t mean I am hoarding your sites PR, it’s just that Google trust less to the sites that links to the spammy sites.

There are experts out there who have started giving methods to sculpt the pages accordingly.

These were the issue’s that were poured out, but are they worth threatening? Experts are one who makes answers from the questions!

1 – Google is now “evaporating” link juice through nofollow’d links.

2 – Selecting which links receive juice on a page is still critically important.

3 – Doing good things for SEO shouldn’t get in the way of a good user experience.

There are lots of areas where we’ve traditionally used nofollows that this makes sense:


– Register Page Terms of Service / Privacy / Legal Disclaimer

– About/Bios/Contact/Press

– Comment/User Links in UGC

– Pagination

Making a Good use of the gained PR is necessary, Engine are intelligent enough to pass the juice to the places that matter most. The developer should code fancy just to prevent PR leaks.