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Many Blogs are posting on the Good and Bad Predictions this year. However, here is another list as a gist of all the predictions being made online for the social media network on the World Wide Web.

  1. Social Commerce will be a BIG word this year. People will be investing in setting up online social shops inviting the shopaholics and social bugs online to buy through social commerce.
  2. Companies will try to determine how best to integrate with the explosion of social gaming.
  3. Mobile version of the social site is a mandatory aspect of today’s world and if you don’t own an application you need to get updated.
  4. Marketers will have a more focused market targeting new innovations and capturing the social audience.
  5. Social Media will be the main stream keeping in mind the biggest platform of buyers and sellers as FACEBOOK followed by capturing their target audience on TWITTER and finally grabbing the attention to the working and profile of the company through LINKEDIN.
  6. Small business will find a better chance and better place on Social media to compete with the bigger names at low cost bringing in big competition.
  7. Fifty-four percent of all companies block social media in the workplace. Expect this number to decline as companies start to leverage their employees more and more as media outlets.
  8. More people will learn they can plug their laptops into their high-definition televisions and watch online content and get rid of their cable television service – and bill. This will only result in the intensification of Net neutrality talks in Washington.
  9. The trend of marketing dollars moving from traditional media to digital media continues at a rapid pace.
  10. Social media will have an ever-larger impact in the search engine rankings.

We suppose that these and many more predictions rely on the internet making various promises and predicting the year ahead, However, the above mentioned some tend to be quite unique and stable on the recorded performance of the highly competing social media websites.

Many more online mergers and acquisitions are being predicted to come up. It is being predicte that Twiter and Facebook will be facing more and more competitions. Google ME is supposed to be landing this spring in competition with the other social media spaces. Orkut and Myspace have already lost their positions and nothing much can be expected out of them this year.

What are your points in addition to the Social media predictions?

What more do you think can be the part of the he database on social media predictions? Do share your views and comment on the existing predictions that have been hovering over the World Wide Web.

I started Using Chrome a year back, Honestly I wasn’t satisfied with it’s performance at the earlier stage. However, after fighting with Firefox, which crashed many times daily and demanded updates that slowed browsing and constantly interrupted me, I gave Chrome a second chance.
My biggest concern was the lack of extensions (“plugins” for Firefox users), but after about an hour on the Google Chrome Extensions site, that was no longer a problem.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the best Chrome Extensions for SEO and a few other can’t-live-without extensions (in no particular order).
1. Chrome SEO

Includes page, backlink, traffic and rank stats, and more.
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2. SEO Site Tools

Includes internal and external page data, social media stats, server information and more.
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3. Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)

Shows pages similar to the Web page you’re currently browsing.
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4. Domain Details

Shows domain, website and server details at a glance.
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5. PageRank

Shows Google PageRank on your toolbar.
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6. SeoQuake

Appears to be based on the Firefox plugin (currently in beta).
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7. Speed Tracer (by Google)

Shows page performance data.
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8. Ultimate Chrome Flag

Get domain, page and server data as well as PageRank and the hosting country’s flag icon.

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9. SEO Playground

Shows great on-page content information.
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10. Whois+

Get Whois, DNS, Email and Ping information for the current domain.
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Filter your Anayltics report

Google Analytics Filters

Google analytics is a unique tool which helps us in knowing our visitors and tracking their activities to a website. A website has traffic from many visitors, sub domains, sub-directories, IPs, geographic locations and google analytics provide us systematic report about the traffic. But the report given by analytics can be over or under estimated as we have not informed it about how to track the site and which are the parameters on which they have to estimate the data. So there is a feature, called FILTER MANAGER in Google analytics through which we can track the traffic which are of actual use to us, by setting filters. Filters are the way of manipulating the data which we are getting about our visitors. Through filters, we are specifying what data to be collected and what data not to be collected.

Some of the Google Analytics filters which are essential for the webmaster are:

–         Excluding the traffic from IP addressesA website also get the traffic from our own staff, our competitors and other non target audience so we will collect the IPs of all these users and set a filter for this.

–         Excluding the traffic from the sub-domainsIf a website have many sub domains and we just want to see the traffic from our main domain or specific sub domains only then also we will set a filter for all the sub domains from which we don’t want to see traffic.

–         Excluding the traffic from non-targeted geographic region: Sometimes we are targeting a specific countries or region for our website but due to lot of natural search traffic we are getting visitors, who are out of our target so we will set a filter which will exclude the non targeted geographic region.

–         Excluding the Traffic from sub-directories: If we don’t want to see the traffic from the entire sub directories we will set a filter for these sub directories.

–         Excluding the traffic from irrelevant Referral sitesIt is been observe that there are many referring sites which are sending traffic to the website but among those sites, some are just sending non targeted audience so through filter we can exclude these irrelevant sites so that we can get more specific traffic.

–         Excluding all lowercase or uppercase: Sometimes the urls written in both uppercase and lowercase refers to the same page but google analytics report it as a unique pages so we will use filter for excluding either lowercase or uppercase.

–         Setting Long Cookie session : If the first party cookies expires too soon and our visitors returns after that session then the visit is counted as unique so it will be redundancy of data so to avoid we should set long duration for cookies.

–         Tag all the pages: We should be sure that all the pages are well tagged with Google Analytics code so that all the traffic can be estimated from all the pages.

–         Including the PPC traffic: If we are running any PPC campaign and want to know the traffic generated by it then we should set a filter for these campaign which will only show the traffic generated by the campaign.

–         Track e-Commerce transactions: If we are doing some e commerce activity and we want to know the actual status of it then also we should set a filter for tracking the activity.

There are several other filters also but I have explained main filters of google analytics in my blog with which we can get more unique and valuable data of our visitors coming to our website. Now we just have to create profile then set all these filters according to our requirements.

Google the Emperor

Google the Emperor

I was sitting idle this evening and just have a thought in mind what if Google start asking for money and thought of sharing this with you. You Google a lot in a day , average people search almost 10-15 query a day as they find themselves satisfied with the results, Say for more than 4 search result you have to go for premium account to continue searching, will people still use it? I can still remember the article I read late night last Sunday where the mike said people are so much addicted to Google now that they now search for the smallest things, Googling is now becoming their need not the facility now days they don’t want to go the address bar and type-in the URL of the page instead they just write some keyword they remember which leads them to the website that they were trying on, this made Google so efficient that people will actually wouldn’t mind paying Google.

But I guess money is not the issue with google right now, its monopoly is now been challenged by the giants of search arena, which now are providing with much more user intended search results, you must be thinking that they will collapse, as no one could challenge the great Google, Answer me first one question whom do you think provide best results for your queries? No !! STOP, don’t answer blindfoldedly go and check out your answer on blindsearch. As many time I try to search my query and wish that it is google I come across that its either Bing or yahoo.

So for the Googlers it may be shocking but this could generate real time revenue for Google, but for this Google has to knock out the other two champions from the arena, for now google can’t risk on this issue, May be he is been thinking on this, May be not but one thing is for sure if 80% people are using Google for free there must be some people around who will be paying Google for their premium Accounts as they are paying for their need’s.

What do you say?? Comment!!

Google INC. master of internet search engine atlast launches his first OS in the market with the great functionalities build-in with the build-in web browser support of its own google chrome for challenging the dominance of microsoft corp. Windows. It is designed for low-cost laptops called netbooks firstly,  and will be available to consumers in the second half of 2010. By this google clears and intesifies the microsoft company’s competition with Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker. In addition to Web browsers, the companies compete for Internet-search users. Google is also going after users of Microsoft’s Office software by offering online word-processing and spreadsheet programs.

The Chrome OS will be an open-source code, that means the program code will be open to developers,  The software will work on top of Linux, the open-source operating system.despite of this microsoft haven’t commented on this news.

Google chrome will be working on the android software which was initially designed for the mobile phones. google offered it with the saying that the user’s will love it coz’ of it linux upbuilding feature that will prevent user rom having to deal with viruses and security updates.