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I was thinking about the features that our systems provide us for doing our work, then I eventually thought why I am paying for most of them, still I am not using them, why should I pay for that? Do you agree? /

Then I recall the word cloud computing, it’s based on the non capital expenditure of the services that we don’t use. Our consumption is billed out of our utility or subscription of the services that we consume.

Cloud computing user does not use the physical infrastructure of the hardware or software platform for our use; instead they rent out the services for their use from the third party service providers.

Now the strategic importance of the information technology is diminishing as it becomes standardized and less expensive. Many people argue that cloud computing paradigm shift is similar to the displacement of electric generators with the grids from early 20th century.

Many major global companies have started the cloud computing services like

GE (General Electric)


Sun Microsystems,





and Yahoo

These services are accessible at any point that provides an access to networking infrastructure. These clouds offer appear to be a single point of access for the consumer computing needs and these services are generally expected to meet the quality of service.

The key features that promote the cloud computing are:-






And the most important I am using it because of the cost factor that it provides.

External cloud is the form of the traditional mainstream sense, whereby all the resources are provisioned on a fine grained and self service base over the internet via, web application and services, through a offside third part.

But still I will prefer to use the traditional way of using the computing services rather then the cloud computing as it makes me self satisfied of the services that I can use.

Every so often, you will found me chastised of being way too Apple centric in my view of the world. Frankly, I can’t help it. Why argue with something that more than just good, looks great and functions flawlessly, still  mostly used, the windows by the majority of the world they can’t be more conceptualize their approach for connecting through people and with ease?

chirag sharma

chirag sharma