Boost Your SEO- With Chrome Extension’s

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Chrome Extensions, Google

I started Using Chrome a year back, Honestly I wasn’t satisfied with it’s performance at the earlier stage. However, after fighting with Firefox, which crashed many times daily and demanded updates that slowed browsing and constantly interrupted me, I gave Chrome a second chance.
My biggest concern was the lack of extensions (“plugins” for Firefox users), but after about an hour on the Google Chrome Extensions site, that was no longer a problem.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the best Chrome Extensions for SEO and a few other can’t-live-without extensions (in no particular order).
1. Chrome SEO

Includes page, backlink, traffic and rank stats, and more.
[download & install now]

2. SEO Site Tools

Includes internal and external page data, social media stats, server information and more.
[download & install now]
3. Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)

Shows pages similar to the Web page you’re currently browsing.
[download & install now]

4. Domain Details

Shows domain, website and server details at a glance.
[download & install now]

5. PageRank

Shows Google PageRank on your toolbar.
[download & install now]
6. SeoQuake

Appears to be based on the Firefox plugin (currently in beta).
[download & install now]
7. Speed Tracer (by Google)

Shows page performance data.
[download & install now]
8. Ultimate Chrome Flag

Get domain, page and server data as well as PageRank and the hosting country’s flag icon.

[download & install now]
9. SEO Playground

Shows great on-page content information.
[download & install now]
10. Whois+

Get Whois, DNS, Email and Ping information for the current domain.
[download & install now]

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