It is still Jan 2010 but the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG) report says that 82% of all companies are planning to incorporate social media into their marketing and PR plans. As per the social media strategy the following points should be considered in a row:
· Listen to conversations
· Establish share of voice
· Set goal/ benchmarks
· Find bloggers and communities
· Identify influencers
· Develop a content strategy
· Pick tools
· Create and deliver the content
· Engage and facilitate conversations
· Measure results
All the above mentioned points are of importance let’s get to know a little more about each of them.
1. Listen to conversations:
Conversations represent the topics of discussions that are in news. Be aware of what is in news and what world is talking about you. Being online is sharing every bit of you with the world. Conversations also include what kind of feedbacks you get rather than what you expect. Conversation with people on social media that leads to discussions shall enhance your own features. Such discussions help you get more productive and with effective feedback you get a chance to improve and satisfy peoples need
2. Establish share of voice:
When you look into millions of conversations on net t is necessary to identify where you stand. Share your voice in such discussion pools and identify the rate the net public gives you for the article or a topic of discussion. This shall be analysed by the amount of comments, feedbacks and clicks that are graphed.
3. Set goals/ benchmarks:
The above mentioned conversations will help you further in setting goals. Derive the proper need or request from your organisation. Set it as a goal and work on it.
4. Find bloggers and communities:
You need to inspect places which relate to your business. You have to know where the conversation and discussions are taking place so you can allocate your resources for best ROI.
5. Identify influencers:
Check out who is influencing you. Note who your customers trust. Building relations with people who have a grave impact on a group of people will attract quality crowd to you. Network with influential people has a influencing impact on your company.
6. Develop a content strategy:
Your presence on internet is due to the quality of your content. Develop good content that is eye catching and good at grammatical concern. Content should be precise but specific and should have a magnetic quality so as to force readers to return to your content. Social media depends on content and socializing needs to converse on content regularly.
7. Pick tools:
Social media is a large platform to socialize and build customer network. Be particular at choosing your area of socializing. It is not necessary to build quantity of social media user ids but to pick up quality sites to spread word.
8. Create and deliver the content:
Once you have decided on the content strategy and the platform to spread word is confirmed, bright ideas will naturally flow in and you will shortly know what to create and how to deliver this content.
9. Engage and facilitate conversations:
Today people no longer want to be passive by-standers but want to be the part of the league by playing a part in a conversation. Social media is about bi directional flow of conversation.
10. Measure results:
Social media conversations can be measured. Check in for the fan page insights or record in graphs the conversations, interactions and then the traffic to your website through the social media sites.

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