First of all a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all my readers.

With the ever changing nature of the internet and increasing user interests towards it.  Inclination of daily users towards social networking sites with almost double hits each year on an average. Heavy emphasis has been laid on the features of these websites, currently the most popular websites on the internet i.e. LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, are giving their full concerns on their site architecture, we can see a huge difference between the website originally developed and their present scenario, changing website technologies and their use has been changed a lot in a year.

A short glimpse of the changing website designing from they were originated and now

1. :-   6th August 2005 and Now

old_facebook_thumb new_facebook_thumb

2. :- 4th October 2003 and Now

old_myspace_thumb new_myspace_thumb

3. :- 4th june 2006 then and Now

old_linkedin_thumb new_linkedin_thumb

4. :- 29th april 2004 then and Now

old_flickr_thumb new_flickr_thumb

5. :- 4th february 2004 then and Now

old_hi5_thumb new_hi5_thumb

6. :- 27th november 2009 and Now

old_livejournal_thumb new_livejournal_thumb

7. :- 9th november 2006 and Now

old_twitter_thumb new_twitter_thumb

8. :- 22nd january 2005 and Now

old_bebo_thumb new_bebo_thumb

9. 15 August 2000 and Now

old_deviantart_thumb new_deviantart_thumb

10. :-  16 August 2003 and now

old_lastfm_thumb new_lastfm_thumb

P.S: Date may be not completely Accurate

Their has been drastic change in how the websites have been evolved in the past few years but we must say that that call to action is now very much clearer of these websites and the pattern how the websites have been prompted in the user arena and how it has been made upto date according to the latest fashion.

Many websites provide features after they you have been loged in whats suits youi best and what will you prefer the old good days or would you like to flow in the new changing river? do let me know through your comments.

  1. aditya says:

    well I would definitely go with the new interface of these websites as they are more aesthetic and user friendly.

  2. sandeep says:

    of course…with the new one’s…..coz it’s the UI getting more minimalistic & also highly customizable…

  3. gamini says:

    ofcourse with new one as its has become more more user friendlyy……….

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