Were to start from in building an online business

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Satrting an onlne business

Starting an online business

Last night I was reading the book of Tim Ferris “The four hours work week” on how to build an online business in a month. Since this book was written few years back the technology and the automated tools are now much more advanced now and are more efficient and powerful that will efficiently build an online business in a week, How this could happen I will Discuss it over here.

This includes few marked steps that will surely lead you to make an SEO certified website and fully operational within a week, you just need to give just few hours of your day to make it happening within users.

The first step is to do a Market Research of your business over Internet that will be powered by Google. You can easily fetch your requirements and the competition online through it easily, which keywords to use? Where to use? What will be the keyword Density? That is all you need in writing the SEO powered articles. That will assure you of the SER in the Google pages.

Spend some of your time on



Gaining an extra hand online

Gaining an extra hand online

This will give you the exact information about your product and the estimated traffic analysis. This research took a lot of time before (libraries, phone calling, and focused groups), but after the advancements in keyword analysis in 21st century is now lot easier and economical and can easily be done in few minutes.

For looking into the market there are two important Questions to be answered first

  1. Is this something I actually care about?
  1. How competitive is the market?

Because it is very hard to do a business that we don’t care about.

Second step is to choose which of your company product is suitable for doing business online.

This is the most crucial step, as there are few selective people who select internet as the gateway to purchase the goods or services. Therefore, your product should be user intended and should be able to provide customized and personalized services to the customer and should also increase your sale by 2* or 5*.

Third Step is to build the SEO certified website that will take one afternoon of yours.

I have been working on the new tool for few months “SquareSpace.com” that lets you build a complete website within a few hours, it is Flooded with all the useful and user intended tools that will almost build your website automatically. These are some of the tools that will help you in building the fully functional website:

• Blog engine

• Photo gallery

• Analytics

• Templates

• Form Building and Data Collection

• Custom Editing and Content Management

• Fully export and import other blogs

The price tag is a tiny $8/month and you can get a full featured site for $14/month. What’s even more impressive is how a tool like this can help you build a real business in a really short time.

Now the main thing in building the website is copy writing or article writing, the few guidelines in building the small, short and sweet article that will be optimized for your product too are:

• Use Short Paragraphs

• Use Bullet Point Lists

• Use Lots of Sub Headlines

• Keep Everything Short

• Don’t Be Afraid to Be Light and Humorous

Use paypal.com to set up a “buy now” button for the amount of your product. You can explore more sophisticated payment options in the future, but paypal.com is free to set up and inexpensive to use.

Fourth step is to buy some traffic:-

You’ve done some keyword research, and have written articles according to it  now it’s time to buy a bit of traffic and see if your product will work. “Adwords.Google.com” is incredibly fast and easy to set up. It will surely buy you the customers within few minutes after you setup you campaign. A few clicks and you can set up a campaign to start driving traffic to your product. In this you should be aware of using the correct keywords and where to use them and how to use them otherwise it could also lead you to expensive bills with no sales.

Fifth step is to have a watch that does that really works?

Run Google Adwords for a few weeks and start to gather some data. You’ll get a good idea on whether your product works or not. There are tons of resources on this site on how to improve a PPC campaign, get better conversion rates, and boost traffic. But the most important thing is to get started right away.



If you find that this is really bringing an attention of the new users and customers, you could dive into new opportunities and explore more products over internet.

  1. Not a bad article on how to get your feet wet. One thing though that I really think people should stay away from is templates when it comes to website building. You can easily find a developer to do some web design for you and the possibilities that you receive by having a web server versus an all inclusive plan far outweigh what most companies offer for prepackaged solutions.

  2. Its maybe dangereous to trust a book that has a few years on its back because so many things is updated and services pop up so fast in this technology daily. We can of course trust some of the things nad matters on web design but carefully consider whats new and take that in to consideration of technical updates a well as standards and fashion on internet.

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