What if Google start premium Accounts?

Posted: August 12, 2009 in Google
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Google the Emperor

Google the Emperor

I was sitting idle this evening and just have a thought in mind what if Google start asking for money and thought of sharing this with you. You Google a lot in a day , average people search almost 10-15 query a day as they find themselves satisfied with the results, Say for more than 4 search result you have to go for premium account to continue searching, will people still use it? I can still remember the article I read late night last Sunday where the mike said people are so much addicted to Google now that they now search for the smallest things, Googling is now becoming their need not the facility now days they don’t want to go the address bar and type-in the URL of the page instead they just write some keyword they remember which leads them to the website that they were trying on, this made Google so efficient that people will actually wouldn’t mind paying Google.

But I guess money is not the issue with google right now, its monopoly is now been challenged by the giants of search arena, which now are providing with much more user intended search results, you must be thinking that they will collapse, as no one could challenge the great Google, Answer me first one question whom do you think provide best results for your queries? No !! STOP, don’t answer blindfoldedly go and check out your answer on blindsearch. As many time I try to search my query and wish that it is google I come across that its either Bing or yahoo.

So for the Googlers it may be shocking but this could generate real time revenue for Google, but for this Google has to knock out the other two champions from the arena, for now google can’t risk on this issue, May be he is been thinking on this, May be not but one thing is for sure if 80% people are using Google for free there must be some people around who will be paying Google for their premium Accounts as they are paying for their need’s.

What do you say?? Comment!!

  1. gamini says:

    really this article made me think that what will happen if google did so and when i tried blindsearch my ans was google ……………….

  2. Kushagra says:

    Chussu: Very interesting take. Rest assured, I know enough smart people at my workplace who will ensure that you get highest quality search services for free. And more competition is always healthy for any business not just online search. So, I welcome it.

    Disclaimer: I speak for myself and my views are not endorsed by my current employer (Google)

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